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Thank you for choosing to adopt a new member of your family! Our goal is to find the best fit for all because adopting a dog is a LIFE LONG commitment. Please read this ENTIRE page before starting the application.

Most all questions will be answered here. If you email us a question that is answered here, please do not be surprised if you do not receive a response. We are all volunteers, work full time, most foster a dog (or two or three) in addition to other household responsibilities, so we have very little time left to answer questions that have already been addressed.

We carefully screen all applicants, conduct home visits AND meet and greets to ensure that all members of the family get along harmoniously. We also follow up with our families to be sure that the honeymoon phase eases to a secure, loving and stable relationship that will last for years to come! We love updates, photos, stories of adventures, great and small. Once a Thank Dog, always a Thank Dog!

All dogs are micro chipped, spayed/neutered and up-to-date on age appropriate vaccines prior to placement. Here's the lowdown:

  • Complete the online application below.

  • Once the adoption application is approved, we schedule a home visit. All members of the household MUST be present.

  • Review and agree to sign the Adoption Contract and pay the $300 Adoption Fee prior to or day of placement.

Please note that we rarely adopt our dogs out of state, but especially puppies due to two important limitations: our veterinary partners are in CT and the lack of volunteers who can conduct home visits outside of CT borders. We also like to conduct follow up visits to be sure our pups are healthy and happy and greater distance prevents us from doing so.


  • We prefer applicants who are at least 21 years old. Please understand that many are in a period of transition during 21 - 30 years of age (heck, some of us are still in transition at 40!) and we only want the most stable environment for our pups. If you are still living at home or living in an apartment/dorm with more than one roommate, we will review your application on a case-by-case basis.

  • Landlord and/or condo association consent if applicable. If you RENT, this section is for you. Please get permission from your landlord ~ DO NOT ASSUME that your landlord is ok with a dog if you do not have one living with you currently, especially if the dog is a breed they do not allow. Yes, breed discrimination is real and needs to be abolished. Your landlord may ask for an additional deposit, rental amount or insurance to protect the property from damage and liability. Let him/her know ahead of time that you are applying to adopt with our rescue and to expect a phone call or email from one of our volunteers.

  • Be committed to having the dog for the duration of his or her life (10 - 15 years, 20, if you're incredibly lucky)

  • If you are married or involved in a long term relationship, please for the love of dog, ask your spouse or partner if he/she would like to add a dog to the family. All household members must be on board and on the same page with adopting a dog.

  • Believe in and practice positive reinforcement training and non-aversive training methods (shock, choke, prong collars and invisible/electric fences are NOT WELCOME here!) Read why Victoria Stilwell, a renowned positive reinforcement trainer says NO to choke and prong collars and electric fences.

When you're ready, move on to complete our online Adoption Application below. This form works best on laptop and desktop computers, while on mobile phones require a bit more patience with navigating around the fields (the tab button is your best friend here). If you still encounter problems with the form, it usually means there are required fields missing information and will be highlighted in red. Please scroll back through the application to fill in the required fields. *Required fields are noted by an asterisk. When completing this application, please type "N/A" in these required fields that do not apply in your case.

And don't forget to check the last box and hit the SUBMIT button! If done correctly, you will receive an onscreen confirmation letting you know that the form was successfully submitted. If ever in doubt, please email us and we'll gladly let you know.