Do you ever wonder what happened to so-and-so? Well, wonder no more! We keep in touch with ALL of our adopters (even if they are NOT Facebookers) and if we are lucky, we even get to SEE them! This page is still under construction, so please forgive us if you don't see the pup you're searching for here. The most recently adopted are near the top of this page.

This is Ernie, aka Ernest Campbell Hildner, who came to us as Snoopy. His foster mom bought him from a Craigslist ad afraid he would be harmed if she didn't save him. She reached out to us to help find him the perfect home, and perfect, we did!


Ellie was known as Molly, an owner surrender from a broken marriage. She attended our very first event as a rescue and met her future mom, Kristen, who adopted her the very next week. Kristen is now an invaluable volunteer with our group, who singlehandedly runs our Instagram page. Renamed Ellie, she has been an excellent foster sister to many pups who've passed through her home.


What a bunch of lazy lumps! This is Truman, formerly Johnny Cash of New Britain Shelter. He was sprung in August 2013 and adopted in September and lives with his sister Libby and a small Puggle named Gilbert.