#givingtuesday Giveaway

By now, you've no doubt heard about #givingtuesday. You will be bombarded by requests to give, and to give generously to a cause here and there and everywhere. However, WE are not going to beg you for money today. In fact, we're flipping things around a little and we're having a #givingtuesday Giveaway!

Check it out. You could win one of THREE amazing prizes:
1. a charcoal Thank Dog Rescue Embroidered Zip Jacket ($40 value)
2. a black Thank Dog Rescue Long Sleeve Tee ($20 value)
3. a dog spay or neuter at New HOPE Clinic or Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic (valued at up to $300!)

It costs nothing to enter and the benefits of sharing a dog from a shelter or rescue that might lead to his or her forever home, is PRICELESS. We hope you will participate!